Welcome to RidinWithStyle Bike Tours!

A Guided Motorcycle Tour Company that will WOW you!

Ridinwithstyle is a Canadian based Motorcycle Touring Company operated by a husband and wife team.  Sheldon and Noreen will guide you on a spectacular trip taking the worry and hassle out of your adventure so that you can enjoy the sights and sounds, twists and turns of the unforgettable experience you are sure to enjoy.  They share many years of riding experience and a vast knowledge of the chosen regions.  Tours are well thought out and planned to only use the back roads while staying clear of the busy major routes using a wide variety of Motorcycles.  Our excellent selection of cruisers/adventure and sport bikes will insure you are united with the bike of your choice. The complete lineup is on our Bike Rental page.

The most fun you can have with your leathers on!

We now have 7 different exciting and unique tours varying in length from 9 to 21 days.  Check them out to see which tour fits your schedule and your passion.  Custom Tours are available on request.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to fulfill passion and dreams to motorcycle enthusiasts by using our friendly personable approach and share our motorcycle bike tour with you!

Come follow us on a Harley Davidson / Indian Motorcycle across the scenic roadways of Northern USA and Canada and see what we have to offer.

“Lots of twists and dips, from 300ft sea level to over 6000ft. We could not have asked for a better company …”
– Ron & Eileen

“…. led us through the most spectacular mountain passes I have ever seen.”
– WB


Photos & Videos of Tours: