RidinWithStyle wants to ensure that our clients fully understand what we are offering in our tour packages, therefore we have compiled this FAQ page.

Most of your questions may be answered on our Terms and Conditions page so please check that out also.


Q. What currency do you use?

A. All prices are in Canadian Funds. Paying online via Stripe (using your credit card) through our account system is the payment option of choice.

Q. What about spare luggage/how much?

A. There is ample room in the chase vehicle pulling the trailer with a spare motorcycle. For Tours under 8 bikes a chase vehicle is not provided. Therefore spare luggage will be stored at the departure Hotel.

Q. Is riding gear provided?

A. Helmets and rain gear are available at the Harley-Davidson dealership, but for your own comfort we suggest bringing your own gear if possible. Full face helmets are not available.

Q. What is / isn’t included in the trip?

A. Included in the price of our trip: motorcycle rental, fuel and oil, unlimited mileage, luxury accommodations, welcome/farewell supper, complimentary hotel breakfasts (where available), guiding service, support vehicle, park entrance fees, ferry passes, shuttle service

Q. Not included in the price of our trip?

A. Meals, beverages, airfare, gratuity

Q. Do I need extra travel insurance?

A. RidinWithStyle recommends that you take out adequate travel insurance with your own private agent.

Q. What about motorcycle insurance?

A. Motorcycle insurance includes full insurance coverage with $15 million liability coverage. This is included in the trip price. The renter will be responsible for the first $1,000.00 of damage (deductible).

Q. What type of clothing should I bring?

A. The climate in the chosen riding regions may vary from 10 degrees C to 30 degrees C. A vary of layered clothing is suggested along with a good pair of riding boots and gloves.

Q. How many are in a group?

A. Groups will range anywhere from 6 – 15 riders.

Q. Transportation to and from airport

A. The chosen hotel in Calgary provides shuttle service to and from the airport.

Q. Do prices vary by bike model?

A. All listed bike selections are the same rental price.

Q. Can I ride my own motorcycle on guided tours?

A. On the “Book Now” page in the selection box for listed bikes “own bike” is a selection and the price will reflect.

Q. Do you offer guided and self-guided tours?

A. RidinWithStyle only offers guided tour.

Q. Can I book additional nights before or after the tour through RidinWithStyle?

A. Additional nights are available on request at the contract price that RidinWithStyle has negotiated with our affiliated Hotel.

Q. Do I have to wear a helmet?

A. Helmets are required in all provinces and states that our tours are offered.

Q. What documents do I need to bring?

A. Passport/VISA (with an expiry date no less than 6 months) and a valid motorcycle license from the country where you reside. An ESTA may be required to enter into Canada by air.

Q. Is Wifi available?

A. WiFi is available in the room or lobby at most Hotels.

Q. Is airfare provided?

A. Guests will be responsible for transportation to and from the City in which the tour begins

Q. What happens if a bike breaks down?

A. If there is a bike break down, the spare bike will be used so the group can continue and the failed bike will be transported in the trailer to the nearest dealership for repair.

Q. Is there a chase vehicle and spare bike on every trip?

A. Groups of under 8 bikes do not have a chase vehicle and spare bike.