“Some time ago, I decided I wanted to do a motor bike tour but wasn’t quite sure where to start or how to go about finding the right tour. I knew I wanted to go to Canada and see the Rocky Mountains so focused my search on that to start.

I researched extensively to locate a tour group that could accommodate my needs because I am a single female, live in Sydney Australia and ride a Harley Davidson Sportster 883 at home. It isn’t easy finding a trip to accommodate a single person, but I really wanted to get out and explore other countries on a bike and Canada has been on my list for a long time; so why not combine them both. I found a group out of Canada that looked really promising because it catered to all my needs; it was a reasonably new tour group, but I loved the website and more specifically the Rocky Mountain tour they provided so contacted them and booked the trip!

For reasons out of my control, I wasn’t able make last year’s trip which was very disappointing at the time. This year, however I was able to go and Sheldon from RidinWithStyle was brilliant. He has put up with me for over 12 months keeping in contact with me and making sure he could cater to all my needs. While not onerous, I still needed to be sure I was comfortable with the bike and the trip overall. Travelling alone in another country can be quite daunting and yet Sheldon put all my worries and concerns to rest and made me feel very comfortable before, during and after the trip. I cannot explain how amazing it was to ride a Harley with a small group of people every day for 14 days while exploring the beautiful country that is Canada. It is a memory I shall always have and can only say to those looking to book a bike trip out of Canada – contact Sheldon Steil from RidinWithStyle Bike Tours and you will not be disappointed.”

– Nicola Knapman

“We have been home a week since we ended our tour of the Rockies with Sheldon Steil, the owner of RidinWithStyle.

I needed a week for me to mentally access the whole experience, put in order the views of each day and remember the roads we traveled.

This was the most fantastic trip, made so completely, by Sheldon, his personality, his attention to every detail and his constant concern that his customers were fulfilling their dreams and aspersions on the trip, made for the most informal and enjoyable time.

I would recommend RidinWithStyle to anyone wanting to take a bike trip in or around Canada.
We we certainly be joining Sheldon again, hopefully to ride to Alaska”

– Paul & Rosalyn

A Rocky Mountain Adventure

Right from the start we could see that Sheldon is passionate about his motorcycle touring business.

We met Sheldon and Noreen in Calgary and within an hour we had picked up our bikes and headed off for 4 hour ride through the Kananaskis mountains. What a great start to our adventure. As there were only three of us on the tour Sheldon’s personal and laid back approach saw us forming a tight group right from the first day. On day 2 we picked up a 4th rider Clarke who took the tail end of our group and whose contribution to the tour was highly valued.

Sheldon set a comfortable riding pace throughout the tour leading us through day after day of fantastic scenery, mountain passes and overall fantastic riding. Accommodation was excellent and safety was paramount. This was demonstrated when we had to alter part of our tour because of the wildfires affecting British Columbia.

We certainly had a fantastic trip and are looking forward to taking another tour with Ridin With Style.

Mike & Sandy Payne
New Zealand

Hi ridinwithstyle: Just to let you know Eilene and I really enjoyed the rides in Arizona and California. Some awesome scenery and even better roads. Lot’s of twisties and dips, from 300ft sealevel to over 6000ft. We could not have asked for better company and your knowledge of the highways was great!!! We are looking forward to some more great ventures with ridinwithstyle and the open roads of our great country and beyond.

Thanks so much, Ron and Eilene Damberger


I went for an awesome tour of Montana with RidinwithStyle. Sheldon took us through 4 days of the most spectacular scenery found anywhere on this planet. We left central Alberta and cruised through the great plains of Montana. The weather was hot and dry. We soon found the curves of the Montana mountain roads on our way from Great Falls to Billings and into the Yellowstone. From Red Lodge at the gates of the Yellowstone, Sheldon led us through the most spectacular mountain pass I have ever seen. The Beartooth Pass climbs through miles of switchbacks and curves to an elevation of over 2 miles above sea level. We were high above the tree line in what is truly “Big Sky Country” like you have never seen it before. Seeing a Grizzly high above us on a mountainside from a motorcycle is a fantastic experience. Accommodations were arranged by Sheldon and were great. The freedom experienced on a ride like this can only be felt by being there, when you stop for a cool refreshment in a small town pub and meet the locals on a 100 degree F day. Great job Sheldon! It was an absolute pleasure riding with you. Can’t wait to do it again.

Many thanks, WB


We want to thank you for the fantastic tour. WOW, WHAT A RIDE! It was a great trip with new found friends, awesome roads and fabulous scenery that only the USA and Canada parks can offer. We absolutely enjoyed everything you put together for these 12 days. Our memories will be backed up with the pictures we took. We know that pictures do not compare to what our eyes actually see. One has to ride and breathe in all the sights, sounds and smells. Truly breath taking. The wonderful camaraderie and the crazy stories being told made for a fun trip. It was great RIDIN’ WITH STYLE. Thanks from the BOTTOM OF OUR TANKS.

Ron & Eilene Damberger


We were looking for a special way to celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary. Our journey began when we found the Ridin’ With Style website. All the trips looked awesome but we chose the National Parks Tour. It would take us to a lot of places on our bucket list.

Thank you Ridin’ with Style Sheldon & Noreen for this great experience of riding the National Parks Tour! Breathtaking scenery every day along with a great group of friends made for lots of laughs and fun memories! Happy Riding!

Perry and Kim Bastian


We wanted to do something different this year, we have done Sturgis and South Africa before and found them fantastic but we didn’t want to go over the same ground again, then we thought of Canada and my wife Selena looked up Harley tours in Canada on the internet, she found a couple and one was Ridin With Style, she contacted Sheldon Steil who owns the company and was very impressed with his answers to so many questions we needed answers to before committing.

We both decided we would give him a try and deposited our money but not before knowing exactly what kind of bike we would be riding, I needed a backrest because of my 6 previous spine operations and a hip replacement, Sheldon was happy to organise an Ultra with the backrest for me and we were in, we also wanted to see the Calgary Stampede and he booked the Saturday afternoon for us to go see it, we couldn’t be happier.

Before we knew it the time had come and we were in Calgary, Sheldon had also asked us if we wanted to have an extra day on the bike to get used to it, we agreed it would be worth doing, it cost extra but well worth it we thought.

We arrived on the Thursday and that evening we met up with Sheldon and Marion from Calgary Harley Davidson as well as Rudy and Anke from Germany and Peter and Carol from Ireland, Marion was so easy to talk to and organised our Harley and all the paperwork that evening so the next day would be an easy thing without any fuss.

Next morning we were off to Harley to collect our bikes and after we bought stuff from Harley, as you do, Sheldon took us on a beautiful ride to Canmore, it took most of the day and we were able to get to know each other quite well, on return back to the motel which incidentally was fantastic we had a welcome dinner.

Next day we went to another Harley dealer and bought more things and from there went to the Calgary Stampede, Sheldon had organised great seating in the stand and we all had a great afternoon watching the action, later after leaving there we had a good ride to look at the prairies, another idea Sheldon thought of that he thought we would like, he was right.

After a good night sleep the next day we set off on our great tour of the Canadian Rockies, an epic 14 days that will live in our memories for ever, not only for the breathtaking views we were to experience but also the enjoyment we found with the people on this tour, never have I been able to get on with people like I did on this tour, Sheldon, Rudy and Anke and Peter and Carol became friends from day one and will forever be our friends. Not only did we enjoy every minute of every day but Sheldon even organised a beautiful surprise for us on day 9, he introduced us to his brother and sister in law who took us for a cruise on their 40 foot boat on the lake at Kelowna, just a little something different to show how much Sheldon had planned ahead to make this a tour to remember.

Another interesting thing that we hadn’t had before was that Sheldon paid for all our petrol, not once did we have to put our hands into our pockets to pay for fuel, Sheldon paid every time we stopped to fill up, I can’t name a tour company that does that, all in all I would highly recommend Sheldon Steil and his company Ridin With Style for any tour throughout Canada and into the USA, he made our trip the best we have ever been on.

Sarge and Selena

“In 2018 stellte sich die Frage, wohin unsere große Motorradreise 2019 gehen sollte. Kanada und USA waren mögliche Ziele und so informierten wir uns im März 2018 auf der Messe Motorräder 2018 in Dortmund.

Dort trafen wir erstmalig auf Sheldon Steil und sein Unternehmen Ridin with Style. Er hatte einen Gemeinschaftsstand mit einem deutschsprachigen Kollegen, der Reisen durch die USA vorstellte. Wir interessierten uns mehr für eine Reise durch Kanada und kamen somit mit Sheldon Steil ins Gespräch. Da er kein Deutsch sprach, haben wir uns lange in Englisch mit Ihm unterhalten und wir hatten sofort einen sehr sympathischen Eindruck gewonnen und unsere Begeisterung für Kanada war geweckt.

Nach einigen E-Mails mit Sheldon nach der Messe, haben wir irgendwann den Entschluss gefasst, unseren Urlaub mit Riding with Style zu buchen. Eine sehr gute Entscheidung, wie sich später herausstellen sollte.

Während der kompletten Vorbereitung der Reise wurden wir zeitnah und umfangreich von Sheldon Steil beraten und mit allen notwendigen Informationen versorgt. Der Austausch per E-Mail verlief problemlos und alle Antworten erfolgen immer zeitnah. Auch die Abwicklung der Zahlungen erfolgte absolut zuverlässig und sicher.

Anfang Juli 2019 ging es dann los. Wie wir im Vorfeld von Sheldon Steil erfahren hatten, sollte die Reise zusammen mit einem Ehepaar aus Sydney Australien und einem Ehepaar aus Belfast Nordirland stattfinden.

Nachdem wir am 11.07.2019 nach problemlosen Flug gut in Calgary gelandet waren und unser Hotel erreicht hatten, trafen wir abends auf unsere weiteren Mitreisenden. Alle Teilnehmer waren sich auch Anhieb sympathisch. Die Ausleihe der Motorräder wurde abends durch Marion von Harley Davidson Calgary in unserem Hotel organisiert und der Papierkram erledigt. Am nächsten Morgen trafen wir dann auf Sheldon und startete unseren Tag mit der Unterweisung und Ausleihe der Motorräder bei HD. Bernie & Selena aus Australien fuhren zusammen auf einer HD Elektra Glide Ultra Limited, Peter & Carol fuhren zusammen auf einem HD Trike, Anke fuhr alleine auf einer HD Heritage Classic 114 und ich fuhr alleine auf meiner HD Ultra Limited. Sheldon fuhr mit seiner HD Elektra Glide und hatte für das Gepäck einen Anhänger an seinem Motorrad, worin wir unser Tourgepäck und Regenbekleidung gut unterbringen konnten.

Alle Reiseteilnehmer hatten sich entschieden, bereits einen Tag früher anzureisen und wir nutzten diesen Zusatztag für einen 400 km Trip, um die Maschinen und die Reisegruppe besser kennenzulernen. Auf dieser ersten Tour trafen wir einen jungen Schwarzbären, der vor uns in aller Ruhe die Straße überquerte. Ein erstes Highlight auf unserer Tour. Abends kehrten wir glücklich und mit vielen schönen Impressionen im Kopf zurück ins Hotel.

Am nächsten Tag besuchten wir gemeinsam das Calgary Stampede, die weltgrößte Rodeoshow. Für uns als Europäer ein unbekanntes und spektakuläres Event. Alles war bestens von Sheldon vorbereitet worden und wir konnten es einfach nur genießen. Die Truppe wuchs schnell zusammen und wir hatten sehr viel Spaß zusammen. Unsere komplette Kommunikation untereinander wurde in Englisch geführt, was aber zu keinem Zeitpunkt ein Problem war, sondern manchmal einfach nur sehr lustig war.

Unsere 4.000 km Rundtour durch Kanada startete dann am frühen Sonntag, den 14.07.2019. Alles was wir in den folgenden 12 Tagen erlebt haben ist einfach nur einmalig schön gewesen und kann nicht im Detail beschrieben werden, da diese Erlebnisse ein komplettes Buch füllen würden. Ganz wichtig ist zu erwähnen, dass wir überall in Kanada mit offenen Herzen empfangen wurden und ein wunderschönes und offenes Land kennen und lieben gelernt haben.

Nachfolgend nur ein paar Highlights auf unserer Tour:

  • Zwischenstopp in Longview mit Jerkey (Trockenfleisch) und Cheesys (ähnlich wie Flips mit Käse). Echte kanadische Spezialitäten und sehr lecker
  • Waterton Nationalpark, wo wir einen kleinen Grizzlybären gesehen haben
  • Fotoshooting am Hotel Prince of Wales im Waterton Nationalpark
  • Einreise nach Montana USA – Lunchpause in Tamarack Lakeside – Übernachtung in einem original indianisch geführten Hotel in Kwataqnuk direkt am Polson See
  • Weiterfahrt nach Missoula USA, wo wir mit einem Bus zum Wildwasserrafting fuhren
  • Am nächsten Fahrtag über den Lolo-Pass mit „99 Miles Winding Road“, fabelhaft!
    Übernachtung in der Lakeview Lodge in Harrison, Idaho, USA bei 30°C
  • Am nächsten Tag ging es zurück nach Kanada in Richtung Kootenay Lake, wo wir eine 40-minütige Fahrt mit der Fähre nach Balfour machten. Übernachtung in Kaslo.
  • Frühstück am nächsten Tag nach kurzer Fahrt im ältesten Hotel in Britisch Columbia (est. 1892) in Nakusp
  • Erneute Fährfahrt von Fauquier nach Needles. Danach Lunch im Goldpanner Campground in Cherryville. Weiterfahrt in die Weinregion von Kelowna, wo wir zunächst den HD-Händler besuchten. In Kelowna verblieben wir für 2 Nächte.
  • An unserem „Ruhetag“ hatte Sheldon dann eine Winetour organisiert, wo wir mit einem Kleinbus 4 unterschiedliche Weinkellereien besuchten und dort jeweils 6 Weine verkosten konnten. Nach einem starken Kaffee ging es dann nachmittags auf eine 3-stündige Bootstour über den Kelowna See und anschließend zum Abendessen in den Yacht-Club von Kelowna.
  • Weiterfahrt am nächsten Tag in Richtung Norden über Vernon, Sicamous und Revelstoke zu unserem Tagesziel nach Golden. Dort übernachteten wir wieder in einem guten Best Western Hotel, wo es wie immer auch ein gutes Frühstück am nächsten Morgen gab.
  • Am nächsten Tag ging es über den wunderschönen Icefield Parkway in Richtung Süden
  • Besuch der Takakkaw Falls (Wasserfälle) in der Nähe von Fields in Britisch Columbia
    Weiterfahrt zum glasklaren Gletschersee Lake Louis, einfach phantastisch!
  • Nächstes Highlight Moraine Lake mit seinem türkisfarbenen Gletscherwasser inmitten der wunderschönen Bergwelt der Rocky Montains
  • Weiter auf dem Icefield Parkway in Richtung Norden zum Columbia Icefield gacier discovery centre mit wunderschönen Blick auf die Gletscherwelt der Rocky Montains
  • Übernachtung in der Nähe von Jasper direkt am Athabaska River in den Becker Chalets für 2 Nächte. Wunderschöne Unterkunft! Abends gemeinsames Pizzaessen vor den Chalets.
  • Tagestour zum Mount Robson, der mit 3.954 mtr. höchste Berg von Westkanada. Total beeindruckend. Anschließend zurück nach Jasper, Sandwichs zum Lunch mitgenommen und diese dann auf der Pyramid Island mit toller Aussicht genossen. Danach zurück nach Jasper.
  • Der letzte Fahrtag zurück nach Calgary führte uns erneut über den Icefield Parkway, leider bei strömenden Regen und teilweise nur 8°C. Besuch eines wunderschönen Wasserfalls und erneut vorbei an der Gletscherwelt am Columbia Icefield glacier discovery centre.
  • Stopover in Banff mit Besuch des Harley Davidson Händlers. Rückkehr nach Calgary.
  • Nass und sehr glücklich nach 4.000 km wieder im Ursprungshotel angekommen

Am nächsten Morgen haben wir die Motorräder wieder bei HD abgegeben und die Zeit des Abschieds war da. Barny & Selena flogen weiter nach Las Vegas, Peter & Carol flogen nach Vancouver, Sheldon fuhr ca. 3 Stunden zurück nach Hause und wir hatten noch einen weiteren Tag für eine Stadtbesichtigung in Calgary, bevor wir unseren Rückflug angetreten haben.
Aus Unbekannten wurden gute Freunde und wir stehen über WhatsApp im ständigen Kontakt und tauschen Bilder und Erinnerungen aus.

Diese Reise war einmalig gut von Sheldon geplant und mit sehr viel Leidenschaft durchgeführt worden. Jeder Wunsch wurde erfüllt, wunderschöne Strecken gefahren, gut gegessen und geschlafen. Wir haben so viel zusammen gelacht und einfach Spaß gehabt. Für uns alle wird diese Reise unvergesslich bleiben und wir haben vor, uns irgendwann noch einmal zu treffen. In Kanada, in Belfast, in Sydney, oder in Deutschland. Die Welt ist klein und wir haben neue Freunde in den verschiedenen Teilen der Erde gefunden.

Vielen Dank an Sheldon und sein Unternehmen für ALLES! Es war für uns ein Traumurlaub, der noch schöner als in unseren schönsten Vorstellungen war.”

“In 2018 we started to search for our next big motorcycle trip for 2019. Canada and the USA were possible destinations. We attended the trade show called “Motorräder 2018” in Dortmund, Germany to look around and to collect some brochures of bike tours.

At the show we met Sheldon Steil and his company Ridin with Style. He joined a stand with a German-speaking colleague, who promoted trips in the USA. We took the opportunity and talked to both. Very soon it was clear that Canada is more interesting for us. Although Sheldon spoke only English we had no problems to communicate with each other. Sheldon was very friendly and inspiring.

It took us some time to take a final decision. In the meantime we had a continuous exchange of emails with Sheldon. Any question we had was answered very fast and comprehensive by Sheldon. Finally, we booked in November. A very good decision, as it turned out later. The processing of payments was also absolutely reliable and secure.

As we learned upfront from Sheldon, the trip was supposed to take place with a couple from Sydney Australia and a couple from Belfast Northern Ireland. Finally, our adventure tour started on 11th July.

After landing smoothly in Calgary on July 11th, 2019 and having reached our hotel, we met our fellow travellers. All participants were immediately likable. In the evening we met Marion from the local Harley dealer in the hotel to get all the paperwork completed. The next morning Sheldon picked us up at the hotel. Together we went to Harley Davidson Calgary to take over the bikes. Bernie & Selena from Australia rode together on a HD Elektra Glide Ultra Limited, Peter & Carol rode together on an HD trike, Rüdiger rode a HD Ultra Limited and I rode a HD Heritage Classic 114. Sheldon drove his HD Elektra Glide and had a trailer for the luggage on his bike. The trailer was very useful, we could easily accommodate our tour baggage and rain gear.

Since all participants had decided to arrive one day earlier, Sheldon offered to use the day for a small introductory trip (400 km) trip to get to know the bikes and the tour members. On this first tour we saw a young black bear, who crossed the street in peace. A first highlight on our tour. In the evening we returned happily and enjoyed a complimentary dinner in the hotel.

The next day we went together to the Calgary Stampede, the world’s largest and greatest rodeo show on earth. For us Europeans an unknown and spectacular event. Everything was well prepared by Sheldon and we could just enjoy it. The group grew together quickly and we had a lot of fun together. During the tour all communication was in English language, but at no time it was a problem, but sometimes very funny.

Our 4,000 km round trip through West-Canada started on Sunday, 14.07.2019. Everything we experienced during the following 12 days has just been unique and cannot be described in detail as these experiences would fill a complete book. We’d like to point out that we have been received all over Canada with open hearts and have come to know and love a beautiful and open country.

Here are just a few highlights on our tour:

  • Stop in Longview to buy and eat Jerkey (dried meat) and Cheesys. Real Canadian specialties and delicious.
  • Waterton National Park, where some of us saw a little grizzly bear
- Photo shoot at the Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton National Park
- Travel to Montana USA
  • Lunch break at Tamarack Lakeside
  • Overnight at an original Indian-run hotel “Kwataqnuk” located on Polson Lake
  • White water rafting in Missoula, US
  • Lolo Pass with “99 Miles Winding Road”, fabulous!
  • Lakeview Lodge in Harrison, Idaho, United States at 30 ° C with unique sunset
  • Ferry ride to Balfour over the Kootenay Lake
  • Next morning’s breakfast after a short drive in the oldest hotel in British Columbia (est. 1892) in Nakusp
  • Ferry ride from Fauquier to Needles. Then lunch at the Goldpanner Campground in Cherryville. Continue to the wine region of Kelowna, where we first visited the HD dealer. In Kelowna we stayed for 2 nights.
  • On our “day of rest” Sheldon had then organized a Winetour, where we visited with a minibus 4 different wineries where we could taste a number of local wines. After a strong coffee in the afternoon we went on a 3-hour boat trip on the Kelowna lake and then for dinner in the yacht club of Kelowna.
  • Next day ride north via Vernon, Sicamous and Revelstoke to our destination Golden. There we stayed again in a Best Western hotel.
  • After a good breakfast we headed south to the beautiful Icefield Parkway.
  • Visit the Takakkaw Falls (waterfalls)
  • Continue to the crystal-clear Lake Glacier Lake Louis, just fantastic!
  • Next highlight Moraine Lake with its turquoise glacier water amidst the beautiful mountains of the Rocky Mountains
  • Continue north on the Icefield Parkway to the Columbia Icefield glacier discovery center with beautiful view of the glacier world of the Rocky Mountains.
  • Overnight near Jasper directly on the Athabaska River in the Becker Chalets for 2 nights. Gorgeous accommodation! In the evening shared pizza eating in front of the chalets.
  • Day trip to the highest mountain of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, the Mount Robson,3,954 mtr. Totally impressive. Afterwards back to Jasper, picking up some sandwiches for lunch and enjoy silence on Pyramid Iceland with great view.
  • The last day’s ride back to Calgary led us again over the Icefield Parkway, unfortunately it was raining all day and the temperature fall down up to 8 °C.
  • Stopover in Banff with a visit from the Harley Davidson dealer. Return to Calgary.
  • After 4000 km we returned wet but very very happy to our starting point the Best Western Hotel in Calgary.

The next morning, we returned the bikes to HD. Then it was time to say Good-Bye. We spent an unforgettable, wonderful time together. Barny & Selena flew to Las Vegas, Peter & Carol flew to Vancouver, Sheldon rode home and we had another day for a sightseeing tour in Calgary before we took our return flight.

We made new friends and continue to be in contact via WhatsApp and exchange pictures and memories.
This trip was outstanding, well planned by Sheldon and carried out with a lot of passion. Every wish was fulfilled, beautiful routes driven, good food and nice accommodation. We laughed so much together and had very much fun. For all of us this trip will be unforgettable, and we plan to meet again someday. In Canada, in Belfast, in Sydney, in Germany or wherever. The world is small and we have found new friends in different parts of the world.

Many thanks to Sheldon and his company for EVERYTHING! It was a dream holiday for us, which was even more beautiful than in our most beautiful ideas.”

– Rudiger & Anke