A Rocky Mountain Adventure

Right from the start we could see that Sheldon is passionate about his motorcycle touring business.

We met Sheldon and Noreen in Calgary and within an hour we had picked up our bikes and headed off for 4 hour ride through the Kananaskis mountains. What a great start to our adventure. As there were only three of us on the tour Sheldon’s personal and laid back approach saw us forming a tight group right from the first day. On day 2 we picked up a 4th rider Clarke who took the tail end of our group and whose contribution to the tour was highly valued.

Sheldon set a comfortable riding pace throughout the tour leading us through day after day of fantastic scenery, mountain passes and overall fantastic riding. Accommodation was excellent and safety was paramount. This was demonstrated when we had to alter part of our tour because of the wildfires affecting British Columbia.

We certainly had a fantastic trip and are looking forward to taking another tour with Ridin With Style.

Mike & Sandy Payne
New Zealand

Hi ridinwithstyle: Just to let you know Eilene and I really enjoyed the rides in Arizona and California. Some awesome scenery and even better roads. Lot’s of twisties and dips, from 300ft sealevel to over 6000ft. We could not have asked for better company and your knowledge of the highways was great!!! We are looking forward to some more great ventures with ridinwithstyle and the open roads of our great country and beyond.

Thanks so much, Ron and Eilene Damberger


I went for an awesome tour of Montana with RidinwithStyle. Sheldon took us through 4 days of the most spectacular scenery found anywhere on this planet. We left central Alberta and cruised through the great plains of Montana. The weather was hot and dry. We soon found the curves of the Montana mountain roads on our way from Great Falls to Billings and into the Yellowstone. From Red Lodge at the gates of the Yellowstone, Sheldon led us through the most spectacular mountain pass I have ever seen. The Beartooth Pass climbs through miles of switchbacks and curves to an elevation of over 2 miles above sea level. We were high above the tree line in what is truly “Big Sky Country” like you have never seen it before. Seeing a Grizzly high above us on a mountainside from a motorcycle is a fantastic experience. Accommodations were arranged by Sheldon and were great. The freedom experienced on a ride like this can only be felt by being there, when you stop for a cool refreshment in a small town pub and meet the locals on a 100 degree F day. Great job Sheldon! It was an absolute pleasure riding with you. Can’t wait to do it again.

Many thanks, WB


We want to thank you for the fantastic tour. WOW, WHAT A RIDE! It was a great trip with new found friends, awesome roads and fabulous scenery that only the USA and Canada parks can offer. We absolutely enjoyed everything you put together for these 12 days. Our memories will be backed up with the pictures we took. We know that pictures do not compare to what our eyes actually see. One has to ride and breathe in all the sights, sounds and smells. Truly breath taking. The wonderful camaraderie and the crazy stories being told made for a fun trip. It was great RIDIN’ WITH STYLE. Thanks from the BOTTOM OF OUR TANKS.

Ron & Eilene Damberger


We were looking for a special way to celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary. Our journey began when we found the Ridin’ With Style website. All the trips looked awesome but we chose the National Parks Tour. It would take us to a lot of places on our bucket list.

Thank you Ridin’ with Style Sheldon & Noreen for this great experience of riding the National Parks Tour! Breathtaking scenery every day along with a great group of friends made for lots of laughs and fun memories! Happy Riding!

Perry and Kim Bastian